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Versuri Dice - Itsumo

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Juz call me first born
youre my first love
youre my first kiss from up above
and i dont care if u dont give love back coz in my heart is where ur a*s is at.
i love ur eyes, ur node and ur tender lips, wanna kiss ur neck, ur shoulders to ur finger tips.
i go crazy when u shake those sexy hips.
baby girl ur the 1 i can resist
u know i love from the very start
i dont care if u break my heart
im the man and im here for u
believe me coz my love is true

itsumo kokoro we hoshi itsuka
dare katu mata koi nei utchitimu
itsumo kokoro nei eiro itsumo
anata dake no basho ga aru kara

u wanna get down with k-n-i-ne
make sure thats pure l-o-v-e
never talk about the i-c-e
i only got my h-e-a-r-t for y-o-u
i cant pay the bills for dinner
i juz give them my IOU
for sure, im not after f-u-c-k
got no b-a-d intentions dont wanna play girl maybe we might spot a UFO, wait thats not part of the
rhyme juz felt like sayin so u gotta know that i love from the start till f-o-r-e-v-e-r


baby girl be my fist lady
be the mom of my first baby
u didnt like me when u first saw me
ill be gentle ill do it slowly
girl i think its better if you was with me i got doe coz i juz won the spelling bee for u, i got all
the t-i-m-e ask mommies to pa*s but im not sure juz doin my in thing, s***s more expensive than ur
fancy gold rings i dont mean dissin coz i gots to there, mommies dont care, all for them ladies,
even chicks with nose rings.

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