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Versuri Diary Of Dreams - Prisoner

trimise de IndyraIndyra.

IOU this.
in-cest! , my kingdom is krank
PrisonER mesh, slash my flesh
This is my privacy, God,
within a childish disguise
If I AM-OK surprise!
Dead end dreams end
now and here
I. D. -Fic (a) tion in fear

Faithful and clear
I sit in front of you, near!
I feel your breath on my skin
like I am living within
Try, understand how I feel
When you are ready to heal
then touch my lips with your eyes
to kill this ugly disguise

Did I fulfill every praise
for I am one of this race
Have I not told you in time
that you comitted a crime?
To say that I have to stay
has even scared me away
and now I look at my hands,
this is my personal trance!

Believe the synchronised thought
In-cubus. Land (lord) of Nod
Down-vein the gemini dead
In this unbearable heat

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