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Versuri Diary Of Dreams - Mankind


Mankind is suffering a severe instability
My friend you know, I swear, this was never written
We are not alone, but we are left by ourselves
We thirst for water, we hunger for a bite to eat

What is this faith for
... If there's nothing to believe in
What is this world for
... If there's nothing to adore

I can feel the warmth of the dying sun upon my face
I can see the bloody circle diving into the horizon
Deeply in love with the gloom disappearing
To leave me on my own
What is it that I can do to make this moment last forever

For mankind! - This is mankind
Mankind! -This is mankind

What is this world, without you in it
Without you giving it, its colors
What is this feeling
That conquers me once you are gone
I feel forgotten
How can I be so naive
So ignorant, to think you really care
Watching the world around me change its ugly faces
Yes this is mankind

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