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Versuri Diana Diaconescu - Lost all my friends

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One day in the light of the sun
I stay with my best Friends
And play any game
We play sing together in the sun
We were the best Friends ever
And that mins we are always together
We were fore but one is gone
She was so sad at me and I knew
Then the last two are gone with her too
And I stood in the light alone
I been so sad at me and at all
Staying in my room all alone
And cry out my sad ness
But I know I cry for my gone Friends
And know all alone
I'm with my self
Crying my friends gones
But, I meet a guy, there know how to make me laught again
But he are gone too
And I'm alone again
In my heart was so dark and I was scared... ohh. yeahh.. I was scared.. ohh
But I miss they, I miss they all...
In my herat was so much darkness and I can't feel miself anymore
I care about them but they hates me now...
because what I did to them
I want they back.... ohhh... want they back... back in my heart
They aren't my best friends real anymore.. but my heart sayed always that they are
Now alone again... oh... alone...
Ohhh... come back to me... come back...
Back to me.

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