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Versuri Diabolos Rising - Genocide - i am god

trimise de AdeutaAdeuta.

The human herd has served me well,
Giving me thought, desires, dreams,
My dearest beings serve me once more,
Just kill yourselves and feed me more.
Look at your pathetic world,
You bless me weak and curse me strong,
(and) you're begging me for drops of hope,
To ease your pain and heal your soul.
I give birth,
and I give death.
I give pleasure,
and dark pain.
Genocide, I'll now give thee,
I am God, I'll always be.
So suffer now,
You worthless worm.
Inspire my dreams,
With seas of blood.
I'm your Buddah and Allah.
I'm your Jehova and Christ.
I am Lucifer and Satan.
I am your Demon-God.
Devour my truths,
and do my deed,
Do the biding, of the chaos breed.

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