Eshaton (apocalypse opus 2) - versuri Diabolos Rising |
Eshaton (apocalypse opus 2) - versuri Diabolos Rising |

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Versuri Diabolos Rising - Eshaton (apocalypse opus 2)

trimise de EeddiinnaaEeddiinnaa.

Suffering, the serpent's eye.
Illusions crumbling down,
Revealing death and sorrow,
The sons of Cain shout.
" From chaos shall come order "
Oh, take away this cursed daylight,
It burns my soul and eats my skin.
Pleasure, a blend of blood and sperm,
Misanthropy, humanity is pathetic.
A violent rape of miserable dreams,
Will activate the killing urge.
A drop of Venom in their hearts,
Will make them pull the trigger.
Oh Night, mother of Gods and Demons,
Embrace us in your healing arms.
For me belong in darkness,
And you belong to us.

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