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Versuri Spiritual transition
- Diabolic

Spiraling reality consumes itself
Pushing in directions once ignored
Knowing nothing until death is dealt
Then you will rely on what was stored..
Your spirit now unshackled from its shell
Now free to observe that which was lost
More new knowledge than you can retain
Rewards in all this far beyond the cost..
Glide upon wings of death
To heights unwitnessed by mortal man
The lamentations of unrested souls
The sulphorous smoke that follows you into death
And view the planes of the underworld!!
Now you have seen the hereafter
Burned out eyes just empty orbs
Endless searching for something not there
Just wandering on Styx's shores
Lifelong quest for your enlightenment
Now your spirit has its due
Bleeding blisters cover your feet
Now your search for God is through.