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Versuri Majestic satanic
- Diabolic

Left hand path to life of success
And ambition!!.

Indulge pleasures, selfism reigns
Pride without guilt!!.

Supreme form of evil!!
Perspective of clarity!!.

Embrace the seven sins!!.

The paths to pleasure!!.

Society of the elite!!.

Philosophy of the strong!!.

The accuser adversary
Symbolic one!!.

Rules of the earth, natural thought
Instinctual ways!!.

Archangel of satan!!
Laveyan sect of wisdom!!.

Advance into the higher realms of

[Lead: Jerry]
[Lead: Brian]
[Lead: Jerry]
[Lead: Brian].

In the name of satan
We assail the holy rites
Break the chains of mental slavery
Surrounding magic succeeds!!.

With the strength of belial
Gather forces under black
Standard of satanic might
March forth to victory!!!.

By the flames of lucifer
We enlighten stagnant minds
Crumble walls of falsehood
Foolish fears your demise!!.

From the depths of leviathan
Boldness obtains our desires
Instilled instincts undenied
Immortal souls eternal rise!!.

Majestic satanic!!!