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Versuri Descending through portals ofmisery
- Diabolic

Life was a journey, a search for the truth
Many years passed but nothing was new
Just random occurrences all of them trite
Then, on the way, I gave up the fight
Walking through quicksand is how it would feel
Sickened by people, their spirits revealed
Humanity's lost to me this is now known
I've drowned in the current of life's undertow..
Bouncing from one place and then the next
One more would follow and so goes the text
Depression would increase and so would the hate
Grip lost its hold, I fell towards my fate!
But on the way down, my mind's eye would see
No one could know what it meant to be me
Deep down I knew that no one would care
When they woke up one day and I wasn't there
Based on my thoughts I gathered my strength
Empowered myself with my freedom to think
Plotting and hatching my plans for revenge
All the while seeing society's end

Focusing energy into a singular goal
Using my misery to bolster my soul
Between the depths and ear-piercing highs
I found the clarity, and reached for the prize
The choices were many, the decisions were few
Many of options, but I knew what to do
Decide who and what were the cause of my plight
And make them discover the scope of my might.
Now thinking clearly; I moved ahead
Aside from my misery my emotions were dead
But soon during the process, my hate returned
It went from a smolder to a flesh-searing burn!
I know what must be done
Stalking and waiting
They'll all disappear one by one
My exploits will proceed unchained
Like a wraith
I'll pass through them I can steal their soul
Rotten corpse
Useless to me except to fill a hole
Many will grieve
Until they turn -- and -- see -- me!