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Versuri Cease to be
- Diabolic

Cease to be at 3:33
Deprived of life the family
Demonic forces it's work put
Commit murder possessed to

Terminate with lethal fate
Descend to a treacherous act
Dreadful slaughter
Abhorrent methods of demons

Unsuspecting prey
At the weakest point
The unseen coming
Evil takes it's course.

Haunting them
Rejecting the blessing
Holy vomit
Priest with lies
Before his eyes
10, 000 flies

Lord of maggots.

Crucifix falls
Blood flows from the walls
From the bloody chamber
Purify with fire
Wicked winds blow
From powers down below.

[Lead: Brian].

Unchristian behavior
Consequences will be reaped
Heard the voices
Bloodshed reigns
Dark clouds linger
Thunderous blasts
Powers and energy clash
Embrace the goat!!.

[Lead: Jerry].

Blasphemation of souls!!
Crushing the mighty savior!!