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At full speed - versuri Di Maggio BroS. |

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Versuri Di Maggio BroS. - At full speed

trimise de SerafynSerafyn.

Keep on running riot, rockin' at full speed
Listen to the music, hot sound yes indeed
Dance on little sister, yeah get up and go
Have a good time, welcome to the show

Believe me honey, I'll take your spirit higher
My magic combo, it's called (Di Maggio Brothers) the balls of fire
We ride a ghost train, the train of mistery
I drive the engine, so take a trip with me
Let's make a night of rockin' at full speed

Yes, I'm in the spotlight, strikin' up for you
Longtime coming rhythm, but it seems brand new
Well I've got a feeling, deep inside of me
Heartbeat tempo, come on try and see

Believe me honey...

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