One-sided society - versuri Devotchkas |
One-sided society - versuri Devotchkas |
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Versuri Devotchkas - One-sided society

you've got a problem, i'm so sick of you
you're always tellinng me what to do
i'm not perfect, i know my flaws
but you're not gonna be the one who lays down my laws
just becuase we don't see eye to eye
that doesn't mean i'll take your lies

one sided society,
if you don't believe in the same thing
you're left out, you see
one sided society,
point your finger at yourself
before you point it at me
before you do accuse me, take a look at yourself
you've got the problem here, not anyone else
i don't need them and i don't need you
so what the f***k are you trying to prove?
we can't play this and we can't play that
you're the f***kin biggot as a matter of fact
i don't give a f***k if we can't play your shows
try explaining yourself, you never come to us, i know

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