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Versuri Desultory - Passed away

Soon after you finally passed away
Your body will rot, start to decay
No way to stop this repulsive destiny
Maggots will devour what's left of you and me
Intrude the inner organs, the flesh will not be saved
The putrid stench surrounds the place where you are laid
The veins that once was filled with blood so strong and red
Has now been dried up, such a shame it's to be dead

Now you have become a gruesome picture of yourself
Bacteria will revel, infesting every cell
Your eyes has been consumed, not much remaining of your face
You'll slowly disappear, death has no feeling for disgrace
Even though your life has ceased the abscess will arise
Cover all your body, grow to extensive size
The sight of you is now enough to drive a mind insane
Blanked bones and rotten flesh is all that will remain

Flesh begins to rot
Limbs are falling of
Bones begins to show
Skin has been dissolved
Should have done as they said
Choosed the flames instead

Disappearing like millions before
Unavoidable fate
Don't wanna end in disgrace
But now it's too late

Passed away
Passed away

[Repeat second verse]

All that will remain

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