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Versuri Desultory - Into eternity

I never thought that it would be
Something like this, something I can't believe
Life slips away, I'm begging for it to stay
Desperate to stay alive
Not ready for death, not ready for afterlife
My struggle for life devours my everything

Towards the light I strive
Towards my death I fly

A light in front of me appears
I'm at the end yet here it begins
Slowly I crawl away from the shining light
But something seems to hold me back
Halfway to death, into eternity
The light feels so warm, embraces my dying soul

My dying soul will enter the unknown
Harmony, this fear will disappear
The longing in my eyes for peace eternally
Tearing my soul in two, tears me apart

Eternity in front of me the light is all I see
Eternity devours me, will I be free

A doubt inside of me arise
Return to life, or facing my destiny
I feel myself drawn to the other side
Entering a world of light
Relief in my my mind, relieves my entire soul
At last I let go, I flow into emptiness

The passage to eternity

So here I stand
In this rain of falling tears
Time stands still
Everythig around is dead
I cannot see
I'm embraced by nothingness
But do I want
To find the passage back to life

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