Death unfolds - versuri Desultory |
Death unfolds - versuri Desultory |
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Versuri Desultory - Death unfolds

Everything is hopeless now
The water freezes me
Loosing strength as time pass by
No helping hands I see
Try to keep my face above
The surface touch my eyes
My body will now soon collapse
My veins will turn to ice

I cannot feel my arms or legs
The water chills my bones
Choking up what's left in my
My bowels turns inside
The pain becomes unbearable
No chance to stay alive
Feel the need to fill my lungs
With air that isn't there

Frozen to death
You die as you drown

Suddenly my former life
Flash before my eyes
No longer feel the need to breathe
The pain has disappeared
Peacefully my life will cease
Silence all around
Feel no fear inside my mind
As I see death unfolds

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