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Versuri Destiny's End - The suffering

You will gather all around me
Listen to a tale that lives on
Passed down from your fathers
The answer buried deep within you

The hand that mixes blood and sand
The sea of death will drown the land
The ones that live hypocrisy
Reflect the blackened hearts within

Now they die again
No end to this dark age

History is pain
The future is the same
Hear the lies again
Relive the suffering

Through rimes the king remain
Their power schemes wipe life away
In little worlds, trade death each day
Or breeding slaves for wars of hate

Now we try again
The outcome's just the same


And the blood of man is shed
For one's vision, of domination
Greed gives birth
To the ongoing destruction

But one cannot stem the rides
Discontented are the hordes
Empires perched on the fall
Granted vision, Babylon
Lessons coming from the dust
Empires perched on the fall

So we gathered to hear this tale
Passed down through generations
Of atrocities that have and will take place
Still unexplained

Pawns for bureaucracy
Repetition, failures, battles lost
Centuries remain the same
Tyrants reign in cycles
Pain and tears return
Society commits suicide

[Leads: Perry, Dan]


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