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Versuri Destiny's Child - Outro

This is for you Ms. Ann Who is now with our heavenly father Who made the real commandments. A ma
zing gra a a a ace How sweet (How ow sweet sweet) The sound (The sound) Souououound That saved
(saaaaved) Saved a wretch (a wretch) Like meeee I once was lo o ost (lo o ost) Lo o o o ost (lo o o
ost) But now But now I'm found What you say girl? But now I'm found They still can't feel you But
now (ad-libs) I'm found Was blind, But now I seeeeeeeeee Oooooooooh, Ooooooooh (To the melody of
Amazing Grace w/ ad-libs from Beyonce) Twas grace hath taught my heart to fear And the grace my
fears relieved (my fears relieved) How precious did that grace appear (w/ad-libs) The hour I first
believed (w/ad-libs)

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