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Versuri Destiny's Child - Jumpin' jumpin'

1 chorus
ladies leave yo man at home
the club is full of ballas and they pockets full grown
and all you fellas leave yo girl wit her friends
cause its 11:30 and the club is jumpin? , jumpin?

2 hook
though he say he gotta girl, yeah its true you gotta man
but the party ain? t gon' stop so lets make it Hot, Hot!!

3 Beyonce
last weekend you stayed at home alone and lonely
couldn't find yo man he was chillin with his homies
this weekend you go out

if he try to stop you you're goin off you got ya hair done and
your nails done too new outfit and your fittin? the shoes
you and your crew parlayin at the hottest spot tonight
you're gonna find the fellas rollin in the lexus, trucks, and HUMMERS

repeat 2

repeat 1 (2x)

repeat 2

4 Beyonce
call your boys cause tonight you're not gon stay at home you
should tell your girl she ain? t coming tonight you're goin solo
cut her off cuz she talk her noise you know
you got the right to get ya party on so get ya hair cut and
your car washed too, lookin like a star, your armani suit
you need to look your best cause you're turnin heads tonight
you're gonna find a sexy chica that? s gon dance all night if you wanna

repeat 2

repeat 1 (2x)

5 (Hook 2)
sexy women do dat dance, fly ladies work yo man
ballin' fellas time to clown, we can get down now

6 (jam session)
bounce baby, bounce b-bounce b-bounce, twirk it, twirk it
shake baby shake s-shake s-shake work it work it
twist baby twist t-twist t-twist you better dip that thang

(you better dip that thang)

repeat 6

repeat 5

repeat 1 (2x)

(Letoya) repeat 1 (2x)

Letoya (ummm, i aint thinkin bout my man tonight)

Rodney Jerkins (un huh, i aint worried bout my girl aight)

repeat 1 til end

(un huh, i aint worried bout my girl aight)

repeat 1 til end

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