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Delusion - versuri Despair |
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Versuri Despair - Delusion

I'm the one to rescue you
I'm the one you need
I take your soul
I take control
I rescue you to death
First I make you trust my lies
I do everything for you
After that you are hypnotized
And then I will destroy you

War - inside your brain
Confusion day by day
War and pain - you endure
Personality's decay
War - inside your brain
Let me catch your fall
War and pain - you will see
I will end it all

Your state of mind is my game
I juggle with your soul
You think I'll save you from pain
But all I'm searching for
Is your money and your soul
All addicted to me
While I grow richer day by day
I laugh at your dismay

The emptiness in your soul
The doubts in your mind
You are always my profit
'Cause you think I'm divine
You'll always be the looser
Never able to control the life
You've been born into
You'll always be the fool

You obey - and I grab
I suck you out while you bleed

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