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Decay of humanity - versuri Despair |
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Versuri Despair - Decay of humanity

Forward - be progressive
The future is in our hands
Nothing is sacred if technology takes control
Don't care about logic
Principles are what you care about
What's a man life worth?
That's what you should think about
It is our fate - our fate

Honour and morality
They're always victims of progression
The glamour of our inventions
Has blinded our eyes to see the essentials

Responsability - thrown away quality
Replaced by lust and greed for gain
The human race is inhuman
Our IQ grows to maximum
Brains filled with equations
The High-Tech age controls our lives
While the spirit rots our feelings die
It is our fate - our fate

The way into the future is a dead end
The feeling called humanity gets lost
We do believe that only science will safe us
And forget that it may kill us

Knowledge and reason could be our rescue
Stop decay of humanity
Before technology leads us to death
Stop decay of our sanity

We're just a part of the machinery
Stop decay of humanity
Piece of metal without an identity
Stop decay of our sanity

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