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Versuri Desaparecidos - What's new for fall

Into corduroys or jeans,
chinos or capris
Sweater vest no sleeves,
oxford underneath
Or whatever you think
I mean whatever's gonna make you want me
C'mon and dress me
I'll be your mannequin
Make me attractive
So sexy and thin
I will stand still, pose me
In any position
And when the people pass by the window
I'll be adored by them
I want to be one
Of the boys from the catalogues
That you flip through
You'll point and say "he's the one"
(Lick your finger turn the page slick gloss over images)
And you waste no time deciding
You crab the credit card and
Call, start ordering
But what's new for fall by spring means nothing
I want to undress you
In your walk-in closet
After you try on
One of your new outfits
I know that six months later
You won't be caught dead in it
But for that moment you're there
With your shape hanging everywhere
And it looks perfect, oh just perfect

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