Don't be afraid - versuri Denize feat Tony Lupu |
Don't be afraid - versuri Denize feat Tony Lupu |
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Versuri Denize feat Tony Lupu - Don't be afraid

trimise de DanielDaniel.


When you touch me
I m lost, i am out control
Take me home man
May me feel like i'm the one

I don't want to tell
I don't wanna
Being hidden wearing as a problem
A wearing as a problem

When I kiss you i'm alive
When i'm with you I feel the life
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid


I want you to know that
Every single part of me is screaming can i have that
Now and when i think about it
I don't wanna know your problems, baby, i can solve them
Because of you, i think im going crazy
Your like music your Beyonce to my Jay Z

Tell me, if it s real or fake x2

No one can stop what we have babe
I just want to spend time with you babe x2

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