Camp rock - versuri Demi Lovato feat Party |
Camp rock - versuri Demi Lovato feat Party |
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Versuri Demi Lovato feat Party - Camp rock

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Come with us.... camp rock
There everything is possible
Come with us.... camp rock!!
So come with us now!
Open party now.
Ye yeee
This is me giving out the party now
Do not you come stay in camp rock!!!!!
Do not come crying to the party
What wonderful fun
So come with us with us again
In the new series Rock Camp
And go, go back again
Come, come with us now
No you with us now to make a party goods
Stop spending
Music to hear an echo
So let go, go again to have a party
Again must know how to sing better
Guitar to piano to violin
But playing nice
How important to sing!
Songs are important dance style voice
So sing!!!!!!!
Again win or you lose it's good fun!
Come, come with me again to go to party!!!!!!!!!

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