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Versuri Throw it away
- Delta Goodrem

fly by frankie thinks he's superman
like a child at the wheel of a rocket
he comes round here with a license to love
but i don't know where he got it
i trusted you offered everything
but i'm not sure you deserve it.

you tell me that i'm lucky
but i feel like giving up
'cause a heart like mine's wasted on you
if you don't know what you've got.

you throw it away
throw it away
all the heart and the soul i've been giving
you throw it away
throw it away
like it's no big deal you'll be missin'
you throw it away
throw it away
run it underground.

fly by frankie's got it in his head
that he's something i know that he's not
he's like a blind bull in a china shop
when it comes to affairs of the heart.

you wouldn't know what love is
if it hit you like a rock
and a girl like me is lost on you
if you don't see what you've got