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Versuri Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Love is worth

You got to know what your love is worth
Every boy you got to know what your love is worth
Every girl you got to know what your love is worth
Everybody got to know what their love is worth
Yeah, you got to know what your love is worth
As soon as a child is born and discovers self
It's a part of life, so don't get f***d in the end
If someone's a lost cause, there'll be someone up his cardigan
Example, you a woman, in a relationship
It seems like everything you do makes him flip
It ain't physical violence, or nothing like that
But the love that you show he doesn't show back
But it started when you first met
You looked incredible to him, he wanted to get his thirst wet
(yeah, I bet)
He wanted to be down like Brandy
At first his overbearing persona was so manly (ooooh)
But now you're thinkin' most of the time, "he can't stand me"
He lost trust in you when he saw you with Randy (haha)
But then you find out he feel good about Candy
You thinkin' this relationship is really demanding
Everyone makes mistakes and that's true
But from the beginning did he really love you?
To him you a bitch, he told his boys he thugged you out
And nowadays he don't even hug you (doubts)
And I'm sure it do more than bug you
You wonder how you get attracted to things
With a mackin' disease, with a tactic to please
But once you settle down you're entrapped in a squeeze
Like a boa constrictor and he know when he gets ya
You got to know what your love is worth
That way you don't waste??? goin' berserk
Yeah, (chorus) x2
(guys talking)
Now put yourself in the shoes of this guy
You fall in love with this girl and you don't know why (why dude?)
Cause you don't feel the same but u give it a try
Eyes wide, like you a child in a candy store
Even though you the one she couldn't stand before
Cause you was houndin' her, surroundin' her (damn) with confusion
You used to be friends, but now the friendship is losin'
Cause you visualize the romance, she like "no hands on"
She don't wanna f***k with no man, "not even a slow dance? "
You tried to kiss her and she even agrees
But that don't mean you 'bout to be Adam and Eve
In the Garden of Eden, but maybe for the evening
You say she leading you on, but you just added pressure
Of course she like you, you're friends don't try to test her
She says she likes you as a friend, not a lover or wife
So get a life, let her live hers and find another
Don't let her smash her ego, cause we know you're great
Let it be her mistake, yeah
Don't waste your time bro cause you know
If she don't appreciate what he do for her
Then tell me why he should wait around

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