Don't forget the bass - versuri Del Tha Funky Homosapien |
Don't forget the bass - versuri Del Tha Funky Homosapien |
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Versuri Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Don't forget the bass

[Verse 1]
I'm ready for action, packing provisions of visions
Verbally, every word will be enhanced
With the bass that'll put you in a trance
Some dance, come take a chance
Del won't do you wrong
I've been in the rap game too long to falter
I rock like Gibraltar
Make you kneel to the butt like an altar
We move to prove that this is improved, when you're at-water
Caught em with vibration that soothes your back like massages
Before you can park your car in garages
It'll be just for riders, listening to 'ROCK THE BELLS'
You can barely hear the vocals
Mixing is important, getting the public into chokeholds
Hip hop homo's will do well to know this
It ain't about who's the dopest
It's who gets the fan's focus upon you
when they feel what the song do
I think I'm onto something, when I got my s***t pumping
I remember, when they were satisfied with just lyrics
now, if the music 's flat
I can barely stand to hear it
and my rhymes are impeccable and you can't dissect my flow
With music sounding like it's out of tin cans
Just wretch the whole vibe and stride for perfection
Why you think they call this a profession? Hey

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Can't forget the bass, the bottom got em crawling to the wall man
We got cassettes, CD's and LP's
DJ's for days, whatever you do
Give it your all, cause that's what pays

[Verse 2]
I just love when I can hear the bump pleading to the walls
In the halls, coming from the record stores in the malls
A beat with walls I like that
it bites back and strikes back
At niggaz who are wack, cuz
Back in the day when hip hop was just developing
It was back in the day
we should be relishing in experience
All you newcomers better be leery cause
hieroglyphics got the bump
And it ain't mysterious


[Verse 3]
This don't apply to the niggaz who salved
And fell out of their fam base
Trying to chase the big bucks
It sucks, I know, when your heroes wanna appear to hoes
Supermacho! And watch the whole role and image of a mic champion
To the fam base it simply can't be done
Cuz they're your folks when you don't get the prop s***t
They know you got the top s***t and in it only for profit
But since we on the topic, let me drop it
We need to stop this segregation of hip hop
Talking 'bout f***k the east coast, and f***k the west
He's sold out, cause someone either sings a notion in the chorus
What is real hip hop then? Only the s***t you listen to
Everything else pretending, I'm sending a message to my fam base
F***k this is hip hop and this is rap, it came from the same place
and there's a place for everything including hieroglyphics
And we gonna come with it, as long as y'all with it
cause the fam base is like a legion
For one cause, we want the dope s***t cause
the other got flossed??? Now
I'm a fan who likes a lot of different things
I differentiate with music just to spread my wings
I always do my best, that's why the fans love me
Not some crime s***t, so I can pop bubbly
We all got some preferences, that's just how it goes
But when you see there's an effort being made, don't turn up your nose
Turn up the bass, race to go and buy it
Some of y'all love it - don't you, don't deny it


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