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Versuri Look into my eyes
- Deepside Deejays

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Come look into my eyes cause all I need is love,
Ooo, how many days,
I found myself away and now I need to stay,
Ooo, I know this face,
I know how does it feel when rain is on your skin,
Ooo, how much I feel,
I know how much I tried to be just you and I,
Ooo, now this is real.

Come on!
Come look into my eyes,
Ha ha!
It's just me and you baby,
You know!
This is the Deepside,

And if you wanna go deep, go Deepside.

Wherever you go, wherever you are,
I feel you so close even when you're so far,
Whenever you need me, I'll be there, I will,
You know it's real, how much I feel.


Refren: (2x).

Come look into my eyes.


Wherever you go.


Remember you and I,
Come look into my eyes,
You know it's real, how much I feel.