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Versuri Deceased - The psychic

A place full of futuristic insight with those who share a magical gift
Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come
You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man
Safely in their fortress they live as if there is life
There's no fear of the living dead
They know they'll live on in their "new world"
There's telepathic scenes with crystal balls and tarot cards
A cult of fortune tellers with minds that see all mystery
They say that they've been waiting for my arrival to their world
It seems as though I'm gifted with the sight to see beyond
As they prepare their magic I prepare my mind
To break this hold that's hanging on to keep me from my kind
As we join hands and chant the chant the truth is now revealed
I feel their power I join their ranks a living breathing lord
And now I know there's a future hidden beyond this world
A new beginning a higher plain very few shall see
By invitation I've been accepted to build and start again
I've learned these monsters are really saints cleansing all the earth
The undead have their purpose to strengthen, rebuild the weak!
Within my mind I realize there's still life to see
As I vision it now I can understand the reasons for their acts
I can see our world I can see beyond
We're not afraid forever we are strong!
And now there are no worries for all our goals will be achieved
While the outside world awaits this sudden "plague" to fade and die
And as all time keeps moving bringing the end to a tired world
We just stand by ready for our crowning moment to come!
Now they're tearing at our walls and challenging our force
A mutiny of our monsters now at war with our lords
Destiny all destiny a monster for infinity
Destiny my destiny an eternity of death
How quickly we lose battle with creatures that don't die
From beyond the grave these new messiahs control what's left of life
Destiny! All destiny, a monster for infinity
Destiny! My destiny, an eternity of death

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