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Versuri Deceased - Night of the deceased

Last rights were given long ago to the corpse of man
The awful ground engulfs the dead, so sacred and alone
The world did spoil as their hearts grew cold
And the weird were born
What once was death now is horror lurking for a soul
Lurking for a soul
With this night the end begins, dark deletes the sun
Broken crypts now tell the tale that death is growing strong
Eternity seems close at hand as no one rests in peace
A ceremony from beyond the grave the night of the deceased
Night of the deceased, they've returned for us all
An infectious scream rings through the air,
A sound to chill every bone
A distorted victim of the plague will soon feast with the dead
In time they'll "turn" becoming ill no longer brother man
As guts of life and the macabre now decorate
The grounds of earth
The night of the deceased - casket monsters conquer and kill
The night of the deceased - cemetery's no longer full
The night of the deceased - cadavers marching side by side
The night of the deceased - by mans creations we shall die
Planet earth our battlefield the warm blood it stains the world
The awful dead unlock the end
Their empty graves and shattered tombs
Cadavers marching side by side!
By mans creations we shall die!
Marching, stalking, the deadly aggressor seeks out your flesh
Preying, decaying, your final vision will be your first death
All of your life you've hid from the fears
Of the haunting hands of death
Clutching the past instead of the future now you'll know at last.....
What is death you ask? What waits for you? Unveiling the truth
Distant, vision you've now been spotted and you will die
Crying, dying, you'll now know the answer you feared
To come true.....
Now you'll know at last what is death you ask
What waits for you? Unveiling the truth
Loss of sight loss of sound numbing pain takes over you
Floating up and off the ground seeing downward overview
Witness hell witness death instant nowhere nothingness
Failing soul turning grey craving flesh yes! you have changed.....
And all through the night you can hear
Their twisted awful screams!
We! Are deceased! And because of you
We are haunting this world!
We! Are deceased! Forever we kill for the dead!!!

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