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Versuri Deceased - Mysterious research

A showdown of knowledge and death that won't die
It's the zombies versus the world
Trembling scalpels invading the minds of creatures we so little know
But studies are slow and time's moving fast
To question these cause of events
We must conquer the doubts of ending this plague,
What weapon will outdo theit best?
They reach for their poisons their guns and killing bombs
The might of the armed forces may soon just get their way
To unleash a horde of chemicals from which this all began
Bio-weapons on the loose but warfare's not the answer
How easy men weaken when life is on the line attempting to close every eye
Like a key to a fortune hidden away but the blood will soon enough spill
Unable to fend, protect and to serve the cowardly troops how they fall
So much for the strong, heros, and saints everyone dies in this tale
Afraid to confront the one real truth how quick they point the finger
The mark of scorn to someone else for right can do no wrong
To take these fiends and give them back to earth and to the grave
Too many hands control the wheel that's steering us straight to hell
Pleading for life are scared, frightened fools who once carried power inside
Now knowing they're beat they beg and they plead to quickly be forgiven
But no one cared when the hand of deception
Was turned to their side of the coin
They laughed and lived at others expense but the dead just don't forgive
In life, in death, forever.....
Mysterious research!!!
Monsters do exist, in us and among us, they walk in our every shadow,
They prey on man more as he fears them less,
We should know for we created them!
Entering the brain of something quite strange, trying to solve and control
Climbing inside a monster's mind in search of knowledge unknown
As experiments continue all through the night
The doctors proceed with their tests
Death is examined inside and out until the world's convinced
There's no tomorrow.....

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