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Into the bizarre - versuri Deceased |
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Versuri Deceased - Into the bizarre

My mind's eyes, they see what I can't see
Imagination enslaves my only life
Fear feeds fear in all minds
Laughter, taunting, sickos haunting
My last chance a game to thee
"Tarnished outcome", yells their "leader"
But there's no one, I'm alone
In darkness, I witness disease
At work, unfolding my mind
Blank, numb, cold, I leave Earth
My mind blank, my thoughts numb, my world cold,
My mind blank, my thoughts numb, my world cold
I have lost touch with my own reflection
I must now find the one real solution
My place in life has been chosen for me
This piece of maze leaves no map to guide me
For what is this, who's reaching hand?
I shake with fear, now I fly
Doomed insanity, trapped infinity
In this place, without sound nor time,
This strange and moving world
My past is torn, my future none, all memory is no good
But there's a price that I must pay, to fall into this void
A darkened secret to be told, and nothing can avoid
Do I dare challenge this?
The trip begins, my thoughts go numb,
In shock of what I'll see beyond
An aura rises, building fate, then suddenly I am awake
Into the bizarre, a guest to the weird,
into the bizarre, bizarre
Feeling changed, a different man, slowing down,
This journey's gone into the bizarre, my doom is real,
Into the bizarre, bizarre
A garden of flowing fear, endless terror appears,
My travelled trip returns, I grasp my eyes and scream
A never ending vision!!!
Do you believe? Yes, truly believe?
Do you challenge the strange?
Do you wish to be sane?
Forever I ask, do you cherish your mind?

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