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Versuri Deceased - Beyond science

For it's still out there waiting for man
To bring the living to death
What's to stop these ghouls of gore
From eating all our birth
Beyond science stands the answer
To which there is no cure
No hidden saving antidote
Waiting for this world
We're reaching out so please take our hands
We're living hell right here on the earth
We're crying tears for all our life-long pains
And screaming out "save us from the dead"!
Terror unleashed came without sound
The dead crept out of their graves
Horrible creatures returning to kill
As graveyards open their gates
Is it pure evil is it a warning
Of what the earth's to become?
Is religion the key to end the attack
Or will we just die one by one?
Think to the past at all that man has done
The power of sin and greed its ugly head has shown
And maybe it only serves us right that we shall die today
A morbid lesson to the world for all our evil ways
Infection slowly setting in our souls are out of time
The errors of our lust for gain have finally claimed mankind
Do we deserve to live?
Life is fading fast
Do we deserve to live?
We beg to know at last
Do we deserve to live?
Our lives our fading fast
Do we deserve to live?
Forever think to the past!

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