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Versuri De La Soul - Weed #2 phife dawg

feat. Phife Dawg

Still not convinced about Ghost Weed?
Well check this out!

Yo I'm sayin... oh yeah, aight, yo, I can do anybody
(Ghost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!)
Do one of them Tribe niggas
Listen, name somebody, I bet you
Phife.... Phife Dawg
Yo, I sound just like him... Phife Dawg, watch!
Aight, I'm 'bout to do this
Yo, whatever, just show me aight, just show me
I'ma show you something else too
but right now I'm 'bout to show you Phife, you heard me?
Alright here we go
You know what just, somebody hit the beat

L-Y-R to the I-C-S
Niggas still fussin' 'bout who be the best
When Diggy Dog bounce through I put all that to rest..
.. anyone try test I put two in they chest

Quest or no Quest I leave venue's a mess
Don't ask me to colab', me and you don't mesh
I stay fresh from the fresh, never frontin' or fess
In the name of J Christ all mics'll get blessed
Peep how I posess flavor, style, finesse
Microphones, honeys, two things I caress
To all you fake jiggy niggas, still not impressed
Queens, I rep' it to the fully, you'd think I own the Mets

What, know I'm Phife, Phife nigga, what
You know how I know you ain't Phife?
You'da said you own the Knicks or somethin'
Listen man I'm sayin', it's sports it's what I'm just doin'
I'm sayin', it don't matter, that's not the point
That s***t is wack, impostor yo
I sound like Phife

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