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Versuri De La Soul - Pawn star

feat. Shell Council
[Male Announcer]
The following explicit content in this song by "Pawn Star"
Are not necessarily the views expressed by De La Soul
But they understand

[Female Announcer]
Execute porn star NOW!!!

1 - [* People having s*x *]

[* People talking *]

Pawn star..... Pawn star

[Shell Council]
Check it, p***y got me wide open, writin' the love notes
Butt naked, strippin' out of her trenchcoat
Got me hittin' high notes, pitchin' a deep throat
Bitch be suckin' niggas car door

Yo, I broke my piggy bank just to see that p***y stank
Smelly in Africa then Africa, whoa

[Shell Council]
I know like you know when you spendin' them hundred dollar notes
We box triangles all angles

Yo, throw her on the table Shell

[Shell Council]
No, I tie her with a phone cable [* Phone rings *]
Bound her by her wrists and ankles
I bust right off Pun and Abel

Yo, actin' like we're kidnappers stabbin' the mouth with two dicks
Take a couple of new flicks

[Shell Council]
Click... click give up the money bitch
Had her backin' it up, smackin' it up
Yo, we f***d till the sun came up

[Hook: with 1 in background]
Pawn star, hey there special lady do what you do
Cause I don't care what they say to you
See you're my pawn star
You're beautiful to me in every little way
A very special lady, pawn star
Rather doggy style than missionary
You very, very... very, very... very beautiful pawn star
You're a superstar to me and you came into my life pawn star
Many years ago you made me feel so good
You knew that when no one understood
Cause you're my pawn star
Haey, hey, hey, hey uh
And you could never be my wife, trick

[Shell Council]
Yo I reign supreme, champion back off
Shorty's a five start porner
Turn tricks, wants some dick inside her
Work the spread eagle like National Enquirer
P***y lips grips the neck of Coke bottles
And turn style will have you nibblin' on a nickel
All of a sudden out came the shackel
Shell ain't go no problem with
You can be my...

[Hook with 1 in background]
Pawn star... pawn star... pawn star... pawn star

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