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Versuri Surprise! i'm from Cuba, everyone has one brain
- Dance Gavin Dance

trimise de RoacherRoacher.

Hey girl, Ima eat your soul
I got this sword, dashing young and bold
lets collect, hearts on the way
plus two, to you, in the evil bay
so hey girl, what should we do
get clues, drink some, potions that are blue
well you know there just isn't time, I don't got the time
I don't got the time
Oh look up girl show me what you have to use
Oh look up girl
right now I'd be the bitch, but I left you, I left you in the ditch
bite the line, remove the words that follow
turn the key or in the mud you wallow
burning bushes may be cold as shoulder
flip the latch, go on and catch the boulder
This battles narrowing, hold off
I surrender, stay for me. One door

Can't fake now let go
Step back, let go
All of those who took the rode before you, they were possessed by the dark power
but you, you shall do this alone
as you walk through valley of the gorgonian tempest
the tri elemental black darkness was engulfing the sovereign lands
use the plus nine staff of the bobcat a voice said from above
defeat the demon of rathcorf and you will restore peace to the land
and lineage of your blood
step back, let go
One night I woke with all these hopes
Say one more line
Stay for me
With all these hopes
I believe there's meaning, no I believe there's nothing