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Versuri Cyndi Lauper - Searching

trimise de AlexicemanAlexiceman.

(Cyndi Lauper, Jan Pulsford)
Feel like I'm crawling on my belly
Longing and glad...
Excited at prospects,
Humbled and mad
Needy as a baby...
I just need a helpin' hand...
Hold me like a cradle
With a touch you might understand...
I'm searchin'...
I'm searchin'...

There I go jumping out of my skin.
Wound a little right.
Have to throw these covers down
To get some sleep tonight.
Tuck my heart in your pocket.
My dreams are insecure.
I could drink you to the marrow
And still cry out for more
'Cause I'm searching...
I'm searching...
And sometimes I feel like I'm just flying blind...
And I can't help myself...
And I can't stop myself...

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