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Versuri Cyndi Lauper - Late

trimise de Pity10001Pity10001.

(Lee Brovitz, Cyndi Lauper, John Turi)
My oh my it's a quarter to eight
Don't shoot me down dreamboat I'm a late date
Don't ask me no questions I ain't got a smooth line,
Please a' wait a little longer tryin' to make it there on time

Tickety tock, oh the clock don't stop

Lazy, dizzy, daisy it's a quarter to whoops, uh, oh
Doin' nothing honey just a' thinkin' of you
So don't you give me no suggestions
while I ain't got the time
Won't ya move a little closer and a kiss
me one more time

Tickety tock, oh the clock don't stop

It doesn't matter cause
I know that you would love me too-

But I was late late late.

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