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trimise de RedaReda.

awake, alone
in a woman's room i hardly know
i wake alone
pretend that i am finally home
the room is littered
with the books and notebooks
i imagine what they say
i... shoe fly don't bother me

and i can hardly get myself out of this bed
for fear of never lying in this bed again
oh christ, i'm not that desperate
oh no, oh god, i am

how'd i end up here to begin with?
i don't know
why do i start what i can't finish?
oh, please don't barage me with the questions
to all those lovely answers
my ego's like my stomach
it keeps s***g what i feed it

but maybe i don't want to finish anything anymore
maybe i can wait in bed till she get's home
and whispers, you're in my web now
i've come to wrap you up tight till it's time to bite down

awake alone in a woman's room i hardly know
i wake alone and pretend that i am finally home

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