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trimise de LamalaLamala.

In the desert, where the cities are made of gold,
there's a girl playing hopscotch with pink ribbon pigtails. And
her mom calls out from and apartment balcony, "Come on baby!
Your bath is ready! It's almost time for sleep! "
And I wonder who's the father...
And I wonder what they call her - Sierra

Does her mother smoke, or does she jog every
morning? Does she drink when she thinks about me? Or doesn't
She need to drink... does she have a man who works a nine to
five? Does he come home to kiss our young Sierra, tuck her in
and say goodnight? (and an extra kiss for mama...)
I want that kiss, that kid, that apartment.

I'm ready to settle down now, so get that man out of
my bed. I want my daughter back now, I want to kiss her, tuck her
in and say, 'goodnight, my baby girl, Sierra. '

Sierra, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra,

I'll never know who you are, and I don't deserve to. My
little girl, we would've been so... oh, nevermind. But I'm ready to
settle down now- yeah, I'm ready to leave that wrecking ball behind.
I could be your carpenter, and you could be my twinkling
north star o'er the desert sky.

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