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Versuri Cursive - Northern winds

trimise de TedytzaTedytza.

northern winds came wistling through evergreens
like trains
one temper broods 'till a temperature breaks
and blooms-smashing and tearing what we've worked toward
one hand will break what he other hand builds

board the windows up
keep the cellar locked
we'll feign restraint until it's over and settled
our wills are just as strong as the walls we built for them
i won't rebuild what i have crumbled
i'm tired

what is faith- it's been replaced by insurance policies
one one thing breaks we'll just have in replaced
like faith... once whistled through the trees
now so still
one hand will break what the other hand builds

board up the windows
keep the cellar locked
you never know when little fevers- could flare up
for every day when it's calm, there must be something brewing
there's always something storming through these evergreens
like trains

northern winds came crashing and burning down our walls.

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