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Versuri Cursive - Excerpts from random notes

trimise de BtigittaBtigitta.

why i should leave...
why i'm leaving you...
for him
well let's see here...
well, let's see
where should i...

everynight you get annihilated with all your friends
and everynight i drink aloneuntil you stumble in the morning sun
it's a f***k and run
i know see it all i see it in the eyes of those girls
those f***king girls they smile and nod
but never a single word
i'm just in the way
i'm the ball and chain
you're the jailbird chirping how
hard life is in the cage
and how hard it is waking up next to me...

you really really think that guy is gonna make it alright
since you told me you could never be in love with another man
oh but this one is it
but i remember when we met we knew that it was the end
yeah i remember i remember i remember
all those things
not everything
summer haircuts
dollar movies

we used to sneak a six-pack in your bag
and wait for a girl to scream or a car to crash
so we could crack open our cans
and the time you shaved my head in the front yard
a passerby stopped to take a picture
we ended up in the paper
and now you wanna leave
well maybe i forgot a couple things
it doesn't mean i don't remember how it feels
when you're lying naked next to me

i want to feel your hips pressed up against mine
we'll push into eachother
love's alive
it might be fleeting but it's ours, it's tonight
so won't you reconsider
love's lost lives
you might be lonely,
but i'm still by your side
you might have to leave
but not tonight

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