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Versuri Crisis - Mechanical man

... I NEED and it's never-ending.
(who am I? wasted. who am I this time?
I REGRET every moment and I mourn
every piece of memory that I've lived this way
(why should I try? otherwise... who am I? this time)
I NEED and I can only give myself the strength to look the other way.
(why should I try? otherwise... who am I this time?)
GIVE ME ELECTRICITY... given my life to sacrifice, nothing left to call myself.
caught up in my purpose, can't seem to get what I want
what I want can't seem to get what it is that I want. I said,
he's on the left, she's on the right that leaves me no place to go.
I'm BURIED under layer after layer after layer of device
WHO AM I? (wasted) who am I this time?
who am I? wasted. otherwise, this time.

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