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Versuri Crimson Moon - To offer thy crimson sacrament

I call and Summon the winds of Sacrifice,
under the Veil of Night, before the Crimson Moon.
For thou my soul bleeds forever, unto the altars of time.
I raise thy Athame, before my own wrist, to spill my blood.
Into the Dragon's chalice.

I offer my essence unto the immortal gods.
Undead and dreaming, they lie beyond the depths, within the astral seas.
With blood I invoke thee, let us commune,
I offer thy Crimson Sacrament, unto thee TIAMAT.
Come forth in the night Oh ancient serpent, taketh the blood I shed for you.
I chant the conjuration that cause the great gates to open wide.
Let us commune in bloodlust, rapture and sin!
Entwined within the bliss of Chaos I embrace the ancient spirits,
I cast their darkness upon the Earth.

From the darkness of the winter night's veil,
in the hour when Ursa Major hangs lowest in the vast eternal sky,
the sound which summons the ancients resonates,
the sound of thy blood, dripping upon the altar stone.

A sound which calls beyond the veil of the abyss,
and heard amongst the restless ones who lie beyond the gates.
From dimensions unknown the AKHKHARU
descends to take the essence of blood.
I place into the flame the sacred seal of the demon which is bonded by blond.
Pulled into the astral plane my consciousness carries me on.
I travel in the shape of a demon, who rapes the blood of man.
From the bowels of Chaos, my soul is reborn
with a hatred, pure towards mankind.
I cast thy web of magick upon the night's dominion,
I drift unto the sleepers side. - to open up their veins wide.

I feed amongst the sleeping and offer thy Crimson essence
unto the horned serpent that dwells in the night sky!

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