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Versuri Crimson Moon - The stormbringer

I conjure thee O Ancestor of the Gods!
I summon thee creature of Darkness by the works of Darkness.
I summon thee creature of Hatred by the works of Hatred.
I summon thee creature of the wastes by the Rites of the Wastes.
I summon the creature of Pain by the words of Pain.
I summon thee and call forth thee from thy abode in Darkness.
I evoke thee from thy resting place in the bowels of the Earth -
May the dead rise - may the dead rise and smell the incense.
I summon thee O stormbringer from the depths below the depths,
may your chaos be set forth!

Come forth Stormbringer, ride the ancient winds,
Rise up legions spawned from the Serpent of KUR.
AZAG-THOTH, PAZUZU lead us unto war.
TIAMAT, KINGU may thy children be reborn,
fearless towards battle, fierce as the darkest storm
unleashed from the bowels of the mountains of MASHU.
Come forth to the Night, unto thine Chalice
Bleed, Bleed upon the altar of Immortality.

I manifest to astral spheres, before me
layeth the sacred cup of the Draconis.
I embrace the sweet wine and savor the metallic taste.
For I have consumed the blood that lives forever more,
the blood of the Draconis.
I drink the blood, the hate of KINGU rages on.
The furious tempest unleashes black storms
and the chaos crawls beyond the stars,
to unleash fury amongst the blackened earth.

Oh Dragon of the Apocalypse,
come forth to reap the living,
come forth to drink the blood,
come forth to thine sphere of solitude,
come forth to thine entrapment of chaos.
Storm upon the heavens, cast out the light
set forth the darkness upon Winter Skies.

Below the Heavenly skies, the storm clouds spill forth
the Elder's blood upon the Blackened and dying Earth.
Crimson rivers run through the crumbled ruins
all has been vanquished,
all has been destroyed,
all that remains is the eternal storm.

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