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Versuri Gusano (ride the worm)
- Criminal

Crawling through depression
A shape without a form
A life locked senselessly
A brain that's dead and gone.

Waiting on the bottom
The key to your release
The dose fits your dependency
Sliming through your teeth.

It's up to you
He's talking
And tells you what to do.

Ride the worm
Ride the worm.

Double blurred vision
Distorted point of view

Shedding inhibitions
Tomorrow's back and blue.

Driven by aggression
When the worms is by your side
Leading you to outlive
The things that you'll deny.

Cause of your kind
The mirror of your mind.

It's up to you
He's laughing
and leaves you when you're through.

Ride the worm
Ride the worm