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Versuri Crucified
- Criminal

Tied and nailed piece of flesh
Tormented new object
Incision, merciless
Scientific bloodshed.

Christ pose looks grotesque
Martyrized, innocent
Novelty, dismemberment
Insensible and decadent.

Crucified - pay for our vanity
Crucified - urge our insanity.

Crucified - die for humanity.


Deep cut into life
Scalpel, murder knife
Consciously reviled

Instrument of spite.

No release, end delayed
Sadism the human way
Constant slow decay
Running red life slips away.


Scapegoat bleeding thing
Provoked suffering
Senseless inhumane
Another life is spent in vain.

Tied and nailed and ripped apart
Work is done, morbid art
Painful death, so absurd
Cries of pain were never heard.