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Versuri Big man
- Cream

Big man, big man
Hol it down now
Big man, big man
Hol it down now
Big man, big man
Hol it down now,
Watch out for them suckas, gotta watch out for 'em now.

Chorus: repeat 2X.

Big man, big man
Hol it down,
Big man big man,
Hold it down,
Big man big man,
Hold it down,
You gotta watch out for them suckas, you gotta watch out for them now.

[First Verse]
Big man, big man, hol it down,
It's been a long time since I been out on the town,
I'm in Memphis, T now,
So I hope you gettin' READY,
I hold 'em ALL DOWN when your homies act shady,
Somebody told TEDDY, the fool was makin' cheese,
Beware of all them haters and beware your enemies,
And we all makin' cheese, and we all keep it real,
And don't wanna be your friend, since you got your a*s hit,
But when your pockets were bloated, you thought you was a dude,
You fired up the CREW,
And wouldn't let us THROUGH,
You need to listen to your FOLKS, cuz they the ones who's real,
I'll be down for you homie, when my brain got peeled,
But when your blood spill, who gone be around?
I know it ain't gone be them haters cuz they ain't never hold it down,
But I'ma ride for ya homie,

And die for ya homie,
And if you get gone, then I'ma cry for ya homie,
You gotta keep it REAL on the real, when you sell your rounds,
And set up like a BIG MAN, and HOLD IT DOWN!!!.


[Second Verse]
I'll make you a thousand dollars with my million dollar shows,
I'm hittin' out of town, I got to hold it down,
The only way I gotta do it, cuz ain't no slob in me now,
Cuz when I ran it out, see I was a drug dealer,
But now that I'm on the ground, I'm breakin' bread and countin' figures,
Yeah Cream on the scene with a pocket full of green,
Need the money and the power just to keep it from the fiends,
Cuz I'm gettin' crack served,
And the police tryin' to get me,
And lookin' at my STEREO because my windows too tinted,
Lord help me cuz they CRAZY,
Pray for your BABY,
But that don't mean a damned thing cuz my pockets they be payin' me,
I made it through them good times and them bad times,
We be makin' a lil' dough, but they still wanna take it,
Now hook up on them boys, ain't nobody gone tell 'em different,
I'm the big man, big man, so hold it down tricks.

Chorus 2X

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