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Versuri Crazy Town - Hollywood babylon

If you got an itch to catch some havoc.
There? s mayhem in the plastic.
City of La La, I mean the land of holy Zsa Zsa
The wood is hot and you can spot the flocks
Of people like sheep, those with dredlocks
To jocks with Reeboks, fleeing hard rocks
A la cafe, Bambatta flashy fashion.
Imagine crashing bashes with bitches
That be bad and wishing for the fame
And recognition.
They? re on a mission for self, baby
We? re like the twelve, my tribe is crazy deep.
We got the beats that are hot.
We? re like clinique.
Foundation resonates when I speak.
And if by chance, you catch it
Then listen, the wisdom
Epic, open hitting, choking up.
You? ve done it now and woken up.
The giant scientist of hits
That make you jump like a lunatic
On pogo sticks, waving your fists.
So, if you? re catching a fit.
I don? t really know but you better scram,
Hurry in a double.

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