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Black cloud - versuri Crazy Town |
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Versuri Crazy Town - Black cloud

Now people say I? m jinxed.
I got some kind of voodoo hex.
Life is so complex.
There? s no telling what can happen next.
Life on the edge,
Fuels the sickness in my head.
It imbeds the type of thoughts
That got a lot of brothers dead.
The smarter brother knows
To keep his foes close.
And I? m the type of brother
That? s smarter than most.
A cold hearted overdose
Of lyrical antidotes.
The cure to make sure
My karma can? t take me down.
Up to the same old tricks.
I wonder if I? ll stick around.
Is a penny really lucky
If you find it on the ground?
What? s the problem with this town?
I can? t figure it out.
My karma? s crashing down
In the form of a black cloud.

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