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Versuri Crawlspace - Cut 1 paste

analogs dialogues digital scratch heads--greenin' sealin' unstuck in faces of mind-glue--flexin'
sexin' into frame--pan--cut to 1 paste in 0 f***' up the field--jazzin' misty in my boundless
dream-cream woman in the soup--pools of glisten-***k doin' the undone spaces--shove thru my buildin'
uppin' pumpin' syrup in the soul pockets filled git me a mojo hand--69in' 86in' ain't NOTHIN' but a
#--cut to 1 paste in 0 f***; up the field--tender horny hands of wobbly women confoundin' curiosity
the f***' verbosity the pure drain of hair on fire and buddy so new--do I have to choose? either/or?
neither/nor? I'm so f***' sore--cut 1 paste 0 f***' up the fields, y'all--lamp-shade roach-clip
toe-nail bang-up isolation and insulation and insinuation--cut to 1 paste in 0--always lost in the
gridwork always stuck in the gridlock--the plannin' that my mind keeps dumpin'--the pannin' that
keeps us all jumpin'--cut to 1 paste in 0 f***' up the force field-spread it why can't we? let
it--cut to 1 paste in 0 f***' up the fields--the curiosity the f***' verbosity--cut--cut--cut to 1
paste in slowdown--cut to 1--cut to 1 paste in--f***' up--

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